Patent secures proprietorship to your invention

Patenting provides often the optimal protection. In addition to proprietorship a good patent also brings along other advantages boosting the business.

Patent is the most throughout IPR protection method. With patent you protect your invention efficiently from competitors.

When wanting to protect inventions related to, for example, methods, equipment, structures, formulas and arrangements the most recommendable protection method is Patent.

A granted Patent indicates your invention's high tech status and promotes the value of the product and the enterprise. A meticulously prepared patenting strategy also raises interest in potential investors. A high quality patent also bring security in dispute situations.

Patent has a considerably long protection time

Because novelty is an absolute requirement of patentability patent must be applied for in prior to disclosure. An advantage of a patent application is the automatic concealment during office proceedings. In addition the granted patent has an especially long validity period, up to 20 years.

A patent shall not be ultimately granted until after a novelty and inventiveness examination conducted by patent authority and after a subsequent opposition period. Thus, evidence is always available to support the validity of a granted patent.

An enterprises IPR strategy comporises of patents along with other protection methods such as design protection, utility model and trademark.

Getting started with the assistance of a patent attorney

A patent attorney is familiar with the protection methods and details of inventions. As an inventor you know your invention and it's special characteristics. Together with a patent attorney is created a high quality patent application that has the best chances to lead to the grant of a patent.

As an inventor you don't need to get familiar with the details of patenting beforehand. We get in depth about the invention and it's characteristics together, then you can trust the application to our hands and you can focus on running your business.