Design protection

For industrial design the most relevant protection method is design protection. Design protection can be used to protect the appearance of your invention, such as an externally visible element thereof, or else to e.g. a certain type of ornament or pattern.

In design protection it's essential that your design is new and unique. The design has be the result of creative effort. When applying to register design protection, the externally invisible aspects of a product are often meaningless.

Design protection provides your design a definite proprietorship for its use and you can prevent competitors from producing, sale, import or export of a product similar to your model.

Design protection has long validity time

An advantage of design protection is its long validity time. The same product can be applied for both design protection as well as patent or utility model.

Design protection is country specific so your model has to be registered separately in every country.

A design application receives its final registration after a technical examination and a following opposition period, which is why the validity of a granted design is generally on solid ground. An advantage of design protection is its long validity time.

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